Carmen W.     Mississippi Artist 


on November 5th at 6 pm - 8 pm

Mrs. Wilkinson will have a reception

along with Mrs. Fern Crossley.

The reception is open to the public

Mrs. Wilkinson is having an art exhibit from

November 5- December 7 at the McComb, MS

Public Library

Her exhibit is entitled "Paradigm"

along with Mrs. Wilkinson, Mrs. Fern Crossley

will be showcasing the book of her late husband Mr. Charles R. Crossley

who was a mentor and friend of Mrs. Wilkinson

The book will be for sale and the featured book

of the month during the month of November.

Mr. Crossley asked Mrs. Wilkinson to write the forward to his book prior to his death. Sadly, Mr. Crossley passed before the final copy of the book was ready for print. He was however; able to read the forward and gave his approval.

The book is part one of a series of his work.

it is entitled "Charles R. Crossley" Reflections in Time  with full color photos of some of his work from 2000 until present. (his book may also be purchased on